NorthCreek Academy: Kindergarten - 8th Grade

We’re always interested in hearing from candidates who are looking for a teaching ministry, or perhaps desire a role in a support staff position within our school.

As a ministry of NorthCreek Church, all of our employees are professing Christians with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a commitment to a local church whose doctrinal positions are in harmony with that of NorthCreek. Teachers at the Academy must hold a Bachelor’s degree. A teaching credential, and/or certification with ACSI is preferable, as is classroom experience. Our Preschool teachers must have taken classes in Early Childhood Education and have completed a set number of units in order to be employed.


       We currently do not have any openings.

Please familiarize yourself with NORTHCREEK’S STATEMENT OF FAITH. If you meet the qualifications and would like to learn more about any of the open positions, or desire to request an application, please contact Carolynn Fox at 925-954-6325 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’d love to connect and pray with you as you discern God’s possible leading to a ministry with children and their parents at NorthCreek Academy.

NorthCreek Preschool: Mom's Morning Out – Transitional Kindergarten

NorthCreek Preschool is blessed to have a staff who are not only highly professional but who also reflect their faithfulness to God in their daily interaction with children, parents and other staff members.

Teachers must have the state licensing requirement of 12 Early Childhood Education units. These units must come from one core course in each of the following areas: child growth and development, child/family/community or child and family relations, and program/curriculum. Experience working with children in a voluntary or paid position is also a state licensing requirement.

The Preschool is currently looking for substitute teachers.

NorthCreek Preschool employs people who believe that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior and are actively involved in a Bible based church in our community. Being that we are a ministry of NorthCreek Church and a Christian preschool, we want our staff to share God’s truths with the children and their families. Click here to read our Statement of Faith for teachers.

Our preschool follows a school year calendar. We begin at the end of August and end in the beginning of June. Classes meet from one to four days a week. Each class is three hours long. Because of this schedule, most of our staff work part-time.

We offer such benefits as a flex plan for medical expenses, health benefits, tuition discounts, paid holidays, etc. for employees that meet the proper requirements. Salary is determined on a sliding scale depending on number or ECE units and experience.

Before considering employment at NorthCreek Preschool, we encourage you to think through your personal testimony concerning your relationship with Christ. Then, get a feel of our beliefs by reading our STATEMENT OF FAITH and looking through the NORTHCREEK CHURCH website. If you would like to inquire about potential Preschool employment, please call the school office at 954-6300 or email Esther McClellan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.