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NorthCreek Academy offers a Learning Assistance Program for students who are experiencing difficulty in classroom achievement.  Students are referred to the program through a classroom teacher, the principal, or by his/her parents with the agreement of the teacher and principal.  They are given a series of tests in order to determine learning strengths and weaknesses and to develop an appropriate educational program.  Based on the assessment, recommendations are made, which may include individual remediation, classroom accommodations, and referrals for additional testing/support by other professionals.

Students who are referred to the LAP for remediation meet with a learning specialist in individual sessions one to three hours per week.  These sessions are based on individual student needs and focus on developing foundational academic skills, strengthening processing skills and improving compensatory skills for classroom success.

For our younger students, NCA offers the Search and Teach program.  The purpose of this program is to find and assist students who may have difficulty with skills basic to reading and the language arts.  All kindergarten students are assessed with the SEARCH screening tool in September.  Those who would benefit from individual instruction in preacademic and beginning academic skills meet with an instructor in individual TEACH sessions thirty to sixty minutes per week.