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Monday – Friday (School days)
7:00-8:45am Morning Child Care K – 8th
12:30-3:30pm Kindergarten Child Care
12:30-6:00pm on half days K – 8th
3:30-6:00pm Afternoon Child Care K – 8th


To contact Family Child Care, please call Sue Bennet at 925-954-6326.


$5.40/hour billed $1.35 per 15 minute increments. Late fee after 6PM is $2 per minute.

Morning Family Care

Monday through Friday FC opens up at 7:00am. The children play with games and toys, talk with friends, or work on homework. Junior High students are excused 15 minutes before their electives begin (8:15am) so they have plenty of time to go to their lockers. Elementary students are dismissed to the courtyard at 8:45am for morning announcements with Mr. Steele and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Afternoon Family Care

Each day, afternoon FC begins with students arriving at 3:30pm so they can be signed in by the FC director.

Depending on the weather, students begin each afternoon with having recess from 3:30 – 4:00pm. At 4:00 they all go inside to Fellowship Hall for homework from 4:00 – 5:00pm. During this time the children are given a snack while they work on their homework. The age/grade of the student determines the length of time the child works on homework. i.e.: Kindergarten works 15 minutes, and then has the option of reading a book or coloring. We continue quiet time until 5:00pm. At 5:00 the students clean up and go outside for recess until 6:00pm.

Fridays are a special day. Students are signed in at 3:30pm, have recess until 4:00pm and then go inside for "Movie Day". They have popcorn and drinks and relax after a busy week.

On half days, children are signed in at 12:30pm and then have lunch time. (Please bring a lunch if you plan to attend FC on a half day, as there is no hot lunch program on these days). After lunch, the students will go outside for recess. Students also have indoor time to play games, draw and hang out with friends. At 4:00pm they watch a movie and have a snack.